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Procurement & Strategic Sourcing

As an addition to your procurement team, Third Option Solutions is here to do the groundwork and provide you with innovative solutions, vendor management, and the support to reach your business goals. With experience in numerous industries, we are prepared to fill all needed category gaps. With supply chain agility as our forerunner for building programs, we prepare your team for the unexpected.      

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Analytics & Reporting

Third Option Solutions understands the importance of making calculated decisions to grow your business. We provide advanced reporting and in depth analytics to your team, paired with expert advice, and risk mitigation to solve your professional problems and take your business to the next level. 

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Program Auditing

As an expert in the procurement space, we understand the importance of getting to know our customers and their business so we can provide strategic solutions for common problems. We offer procurement and business development program evaluations to find the opportunities and convenient solutions our customers may be missing.



In an ever-changing world, Third Option Solutions was formed with the idea of filling gaps and solving problems with our customers in mind. With a well-rounded procurement team backing your business decisions, we are prepared to provide our customers with advanced reporting and in-depth analytics to take their procurement process to the next level.


Staying on top of trends can be time consuming, so let us find the gaps, manage your vendor network, and provide you with the reporting and assurance you need to grow your business, mitigate your risk, and meet your goals in all industries.


Third Option Solutions works for the improvements, the efficiencies, the innovation, and strives to discover new options.  We are the cure to complacency and act as a partner, mentor, guide and solution provider for those who truly want to work on their business's growth and not just work for their business.


Third option Solutions is a certified Minority Business Entity (MBE).



Year Established




Years of Experience

Native American Background

Third Option Solutions LLC was founded by Cayuga Nation Native Americans. Headquartered in upstate New York, this region of the state consists of the five nations; the Seneca, the Cayuga, the Onondaga, the Oneida, and the Mohawk. All of which are the creators of the longhouse. The longhouse is a symbolization for each of the nations contributions to the great law for peace, protection, and decision making for all of the five nations. Due to the structure, it is believed to be the first participatory democracy on earth and the model for the American Constitution. 

Each nation has different beliefs and traditions that set them apart from one another, but by working together they built a strong confederacy called the Haudenosaunee (hoe-dee-no-SHOW-nee) Confederacy that still to this day, serves as a positive example of the importance of building strong relationships and working together to solve problems.

Our team at Third Option Solutions LLC is dedicated to bringing our Native culture into our business model by infusing these beliefs of strong relationships and problem solving, with the high standard of sustainability and going green.  

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Head Office

Upstate New York

Tel: 607-269-5313

Minority Owned Business

Third Option Solutions is a certified Minority Owned Business. Certificate available upon request.

For more info: 607-269-5313
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